Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, December 9, 2011

Question of the Week (12/9/11)

This week your question of the week is worth 40 points and is a two-parter. Make sure you answer both to receive full credit.

In the beginning of The Power of One, violence is a day-to-day certainty for our protagonist Peekay. Give several (3 or more) examples of how Peekay manages this violence using evidence from the text. Do you think violence always perpetrates more violence? Are there exceptions? Or is standing up to an aggressor in a non-violent manner more successful? Discuss your reasons, again citing examples from the text using MLA format.

Cite 3 quotes from people Peekay has met in his adventures and analyze them. How has Peekay used this advice in his life thus far? Has this advice shaped Peekay or helped him to overcome some of his obstacles? What do these quotes reveal about the character who uttered them? In addition, make some predictions for our protagonist as to what will happen in the upcoming chapters.

Don't forget to respond to a classmate's response. Enjoy your weekend.