Thursday, November 10, 2011

Question of the Week (11/10/11)

Drawing from our discussion of prequels and sequels, create your own story about one of the lesser known characters from the Harry Potter novels. For instance you could write about the character of Mrs. Fig and how she works behind the scenes to protect Harry, or you could create a prequel about Harry's father, James and his best friends, Sirius, Remus, and Peter when they were in school. Have fun with this. Post by Monday at 3 p.m. and we will share them on Tuesday for our special guest. Enjoy your weekend.

Check out the Harry Potter wiki for inspiration.


Philip Caffry said...

Prequel for James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

The creation of the marauders map.

James Potter and his friends Sirius and Remus, along with the sidekick Peter who idolized them are mischievous young men. During their fifth year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry they became fed up with Filch coming up and catching them in the act of doing something which undoubtedly would cause somebody from the Slytherin house a great deal of pain. The friends made a map that could tell them the exact location of anybody in the entire castle. This map they deemed the Marauders Map. One day, when they were down in the dungeon setting up a trap for the unsuspecting Severus Snape, James looked down at the map, “Looks like Filch is coming this way boys, let’s hurry it up.” The others finish the spell that made a bucket of near freezing water hang twenty feet up above the ground. This bucket would spill out its contents when it detects Severus directly underneath it. James again looks at the map, “Filch is right at the top of the stairs now boys it looks like we have to go the other way.” But to their dismay as soon as they turn the other way the wall opens and the entire Slytherin house is on its way towards them. James frantically scans the map for another way out. He sees none, Dismayed he taps the map with his wand and says, “Mischief Managed,” the map goes blank. James shoves it into his pocket and the friends start to walk up the stairs to confront Filch rather then the Slytherin house. As soon as they meet Filch on the stairs they hear this great, “SPLASH!!!” then, “POTTER!!!” Filch looks at them suspiciously, “I’m Assuming that you are about to say that you have nothing to do with that?” The friends nod their heads, “Do you expect me to believe that?” the friends shake their head. “Turn out your pockets.” The friends all empty their pockets. Filch spots the map, only he just sees a bit of parchment. “I’m going to confiscate this parchment for… further examining, you may leave and go to dinner.” Little does Filch know that about fifteen years later it would be stolen from him and used by the Weasley twins. Who in turn give it to it’s rightful owner Harry the son of James Potter.

DavidD. said...
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DavidD. said...

Lupin walked down the happy halls of Hogwarts, with sudden mixed feelings of fear. How could he have forgotten that tonight was a full moon? This was a night when he had the risk of killing his own friends only to wake up without remembering and making a painful discovery. He felt like his blood had been replaced with icy water that was flowing throughout his body as he quickly sprinted down to reach the Shrieking Shack. Looking to his side he saw a bit of an extremely slow animation of the outside from rows of windows, but to an icy horror he saw the sun quickly falling down the horizon. His fear seemed to drag him faster like he was being pulled through an incredibly fast river. With his heart hammering on his body like it was trying to break it down, he was pulled down through Hogwarts.
Bursting out the entrance of Hogwarts like a bullet he used every breath to draw him closer to the Shrieking Shack. With icy blood, a pounding heart, and the constant ‘thudding’ of his feet that could only be drowned out by his increasing louder pants, Lupin flew to the Whomping Willow, hammered the knot in the trunk and dove down the hole. His face became scratched, bloody, and dirty but he still continued to crawl to his feet with panting so loud he could barely hear himself stumbling and tripping across the floor in the dark room from the secret passage way. Crawling to his feet, he slowly stood up with his legs feeling hollow with a lack of energy. In a few seconds he felt himself becoming angry for no real reason. He felt himself becoming larger like he was bread rising. With a strange, incredible burst of energy flowing through his veins, he began to scream in rage in admiration of his power. He looked out a window to see a round white object in the black sky that he couldn’t recognize. Halting his urges for a moment he made a respectful salute to this mysterious object with a sound of respect before he started pacing around the room looking for someone or anyone, but finding a sense of frustration because there was no one to find.

John Gehlbach said...

A Light In the Black Family:
The back story of Andromeda Tonks

Born in the Black Family, Andromeda was raised to be the perfect pure-blood wizard. Her mother and father, Druella and Cygnus, always told her stories of pure-bloods rising above muggles, and installing a pure form of order. Andromeda was the middle of two sisters, Narcissa and Bellatrix. She found it hard to be herself in such a rigid family. Even while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, many mistook her for her sister Bellatrix. There similarity in appearance was uncanny. Though both sisters shared similarities in looks, they were complete opposites in terms of personality. Bellatrix was cruel, far from the caring attitude of Andromeda. Many times at school, Bellatrix was caught tormenting half-bloods from houses other than Slytherin. Bellatrix would hiss, “You’re filthy half-breed!”.
Almost the entire Black Family shared this elitist perspective. All except Sirius Black. Together, Andromeda and Sirius, gave each other hope in a depressing family. During family reunions, cousin Sirius and Andromeda would leave the dinner table to escape the intoxicating Black Family ideology. At the table, Narcissa and Bellatrix would lead the family in a toast to dark wizards. Narcissa would proclaim, “To Grindelwald...For the Greater Good...Magic is Might”. Andromeda and Sirius were small lights of good in a sea of black.
Many years later, after Hogwarts, Andromeda fell in everlasting love with Ted Tonks. Ted and Andromeda had been an item for their last two years at Hogwarts. As soon as reaching the legal Wizarding Age of Marriage Ted asked for her hand in marriage. “Dromeda, I know it is rather unfitting of me, being muggle-born, but I must ask...will you marry me”. She instantly said yes, but knew deep down her family would not approve of this imperfect union.
After many days of restless sleep and relentless thought, Andromeda decided to inform her family of her engagement. She climbed the black steps of number 12 Grimmauld Place, and waited for Kreacher to open the door. He greeted her coldly, as he knew of her sympathies toward muggle-borns. He silently lead her down the hall, and stopped in front of the living room. Inside the room with the family tree, sat Druella and Cygnus Black, Andromeda’s parents. She slowly walked in, stood before them, and spoke. “Do you remember Ted Tonks from school”, said Andromeda. “Ah, that filthy mudblood”, said Cygnus. “Well I intend to marry him next month”, snapped Andromeda. Both Mr. and Mrs. Black froze. Their dark eyes gazed up at their daughter in animosity. “How could you!” squealed Druella. “My own daughter a blood traitor!”. Both parents stood simultaneously and ordered Andromeda to leave at once. There was a loud crack as the cruel Mother Druella set Andromeda’s portrait on the wall ablaze. Before more could be said, Andromeda ran out the front door and disapparated into the night. Never again did Andromeda venture back to her family. Her place in the family tree remained scorched, forever.

Olivia Licciardi said...

Prequel for James, Sirius, Remus and Peter:
when lupin tells his friends hes a werewolf.

James and his friends Remus and Sirius and Peter were all in Gryffindor house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was their 3rd year at school, and it was Transfigurations class, and Remus and James were sitting next to each other transforming ferrets into water jugs, when Remus leaned over to James and told him, " I have a secret i need to tell you and Sirius and Peter later this evening, meet at the Whomping Willow at 8 o'clock." James nodded that he understood. After class, James told his other friends of the plan for later that evening. As planned, Remus met his friends by the Whomping Willow, as they met face to face with Remus, he began to transform, first the fangs, then the brisly, brown fur, his ears came shooting up his head. his clothes disinegrated, his paws shot out of where his arms used to be and bright, beady, yellow eyes shone in the young boys face's. James, Sirius and Peter were stunned, not scared at all. After several hours of Remus roaming the forest, they all trooped back up to the school, in silence. James was the first to speak. "It's no big deal, so what your a werewolf, its just a furry problem you have, it makes you no different now that we know you are a werewolf." the other boys nodded in agreement with James. A year or so later, the other boys did something that made Remus proud to have such amazing, gifted friends. They themselves became Animaguses, they were all able to transform into a specific animal. James turned into a stag, Sirius a black dog, and Peter turned into a rat. Now when Remus had to transform, they would all meet at the Whomping Willow, touching the knot, climbing into the hole into the Shrieking Shack, which protected Remus when he transformed. Once they were there, Remus would transform in the moonlight, and his friends would transform into a stag, a dog and a rat and follow him, to make sure he was safe, knowing that he may attack them at any moment. Harry learned this story years later, when Remus Lupin became his professor and told him what his father and his friends had done for him.

Lizzie Weindling said...

"Lilly!" Severus Snape frantically yelled, "Over here!"

Lilly walked over quickly to Snape as her beaming parents followed with all her luggage; and to anyone walking by, a strangely out of place owl. Lilly had notice that Snape was awkwardly standing a few feet away from a brick post, looking at it as if he was mentally preparing himself.

"How are you Severus? Excited? I still can't believe this is happening! We're going to be wizards!"
"Shh! Lilly keep your voice down," Snape quickly looked around to make sure no one had heard Lilly. "It's important that no muggles find out about wizards."

Snape greeted Lilly's parents, and was quickly told that Petunia had preferred to stay at home. Snape quickly disregard this fact, and changed the conversation to their new home awaiting, to try and cease any feelings Lilly had regarding her sister. She had also wanted Petunia's approval and to be happy for her; however, Petunia was too stuck-up to even think about anything regarding wizardry except for the fact, she wasn't one. Snape instead turned the conversation to getting to platform 9 3/4. It took quite a bit of explanation until Lilly's parents had understood how they were getting to the train, and that they would be let through even though they are not wizards. They went in pairs, Lilly with her mom, while Snape accompanied Lilly's father. Once they were on the other side, it was pure awe. Snape felt such happiness that he had never experienced. It would be him and Lilly together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were already best friends, and this would make them even closer. Snape could also tell the Evan family was surprised. The train was filled with young kids, some crying and fearful of their new journey, while others were joyfully reuniting with old friends. Families all around were hugging and waving good-bye; making sure their young wizard had everything and that letters would soon come.

Snape waited until Lilly said good-bye to her parents. His had said their good-byes before dropping him off at Kings Cross Station. Snape was envious of Lilly, and the admiring looks in her parents’ eyes as they reminded her of their love and that they'll see her in a few months. Lilly and Snape, hand in hand, walked up to the train and boarded. There was hardly any space. Each young wizard was trying to go in a different direction, looking to reunite with friends or finding an empty room. Snape led Lilly into one of empty rooms towards the end of the train, but the same said as the platform where all the families were. Snape watched as Lilly leaned out the window waving a final good-bye. He thought to himself, this was it; their time at Hogwarts would be amazing.

Snape was shaken out of a daydream as he heard their compartment door slide open and a bunch of young boys laughing came in. They apparently hadn't notice this compartment was already occupied, or they had notice Lilly. The boys quickly introduced themselves, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. Lilly instantly sat up straighter and introduced herself, and Snape. None of the boys seemed to notice until she had introduced him. After a few minutes of mindless conversations, Lilly was able to ask them for privacy; again it was only Snape and Lilly. They sat in silence for a few minutes as the train first begin to move, slowly at first as it increasingly sped up. They soon heard a lady yelling out something about food, and both agreed to go outside and see the options. There were hundreds of different candy options, all candy from the wizard world. Most of it Snape had had before, however he got only the basics so Lilly was able to experience the best first. As they returned back to their compartment, Snape told Lilly of these chocolate frogs. She didn't understand that they actually moved, until her chocolate frog jumped out of the little hole she ripped, and into the air. Snape leaped forward and grabbed the chocolate frog.

Catherine C. said...

Arabella Figg clutched the yellow parchment paper envelope in her shriveled, shaky hand, lined with the creases of old age and patterned with purple veins. She peeked past the ratty lace curtains of her kitchen window again for about the fifteenth time in that past hour, braced to see the now familiar site of the Dursley family stuffing their large car with what seemed like the entire interior of their house. Instead, she saw the trunk of the car closed, and the back two figures: one tall and dark-haired,, the other wearing a highly conspicuous light-purple top hat. Wizards, snorted Arabella, though comforted by their presence she was.
She again looked down to the envelope addressed to her in unfamiliar, spiky black calligraphy, and with a pang of melancholy, wished that it had been written in that curious, loopy, emerald-inked script that she had come to expect over the years. With Dumbledore’s passing, Arabella found herself losing more and more contact with the Order, and this letter was the first one she had received from them since the funeral. As she saw the overstuffed car zoom down the street, she knew that it was now time.
As dusk began to fall, she stationed herself in the living room, pulling up an armchair to the window, where she could now see the back garden of 4 Privet Drive. As she worried a crocheted doily in one hand and nervously pet a robustly purring Tufty with the other, she heard a sort of grinding noise, reminiscent of a slowly approaching motorcycle. She watched as fourteen human figures shimmed into existence in the backyard, one humongous, bearded one she recognized as Rubeus Hagrid hopping off of a motorcycle, some from broomsticks that were hovering above the ground as if suspended by strings, and still others dismounting from great skeletal winged horse-like creatures, some with a bit more trepidation than others. She watched as Harry moved from the kitchen to the back stoop, embracing them all with joy and welcomingly them warming into the house. Several more lights flicked on in the family room, and Arabella could make out the many figures filling the recently vacated home. Convinced they would not come out for some time, she dared desert her post for a few minutes to make a cup of tea, and then returned after scrounging up a couple of biscuits for her precious kitties.
When she returned, however, many of the silhouettes she saw through the lit windows at the Dursley house, who had previously varied in size quite radically, were now mostly the same height and shape. She watched as the silhouettes slowly filed out of the room, and watched as the whole house became dark again. It was quite dark out now, and it would have been tough for something with better sight to make out the shapes in the garden, let alone Arabella’s aged eyes. She merely saw the shaped mount the various flying machines again and take off into the star-speckled sky, soaring up with the grace and unity of a herd of geese.
Arabella couldn’t help it, she just had to skibble outside as fast as her tartan slippers would allow, and gazed at the shrinking figures, relived that Harry would now be safe. She hadn’t even been instructed to keep lookout for the rescue operation; no, the only thing the letter dictated was that the Dursleys were moving out and that Harry would be relocated as well, that she should not panic at the sudden disappearance, and that the Order was indebted to her for her dutiful service and vigilance over the years. She sighed with hope and comfort, happy and proud that she had done her job, however small it was, so well over the past decade and a half.

Billy D said...

After twenty years of being headmistress of Hogwarts Minerva McGonagall retires and quite surprisingly names Neville Longbottom as the rather young headmaster. McGonagall then becomes the Minister of Magic although she has moved out of academia she doesn’t forget her respect for young minds. She makes a point of hiring young creative minds for the ministry, mainly of course out of Hogwarts. Although without the presence of “he who must not be named” the Ministers job has become less eventful McGonagall strives for a batter world instead of laying back. Creating the new Muggle Relations Department, and announcing in less than ten years the Ministry of Magic and the Muggle elected government of England will coheres over how to start the merging of the magical and the non-magical worlds. She appoints her long time friend and former student Hermione Ganger has head of the Muggle relations department and will be in charge of the wizarding side of the merging.
This announcement sparks feelings of rebellion in some that have in the past started wars. However this time a kind of diplomat is appointed to smooth things over with the purest purebloods. This diplomat approaches the task with a sense of humor and reasoning to protect the lives of these purebloods. This diplomat’s influence over the department of muggle relations is widely respected considering he is her husband. Harry decides he has had enough of the world stage and lives out the rest of his life in peace quite unlike his early years.

Kelly said...

Remus’ screams speared the night sky as he ran through the woods. His bare feet fell on the ground with loud, heavy thuds as pain shot up and down his spine. Altogether too quickly, the soft pad of paws on dewy forest ground replaced the sound of his frantic footsteps. His scream became deeper, more like a howl, and suddenly every cell in his body was on fire. This was the part he hated the most– growing his fur always left him feeling as though every inch of his skin had been set ablaze. He fell to his hands and knees as his tale grew and a groan dripping with agony shot out of his mouth. He stayed this way for a long time, heaving and wheezing in pain, the moonlight filtering down between the branches to rest gently on him– an image too delicate for the pain he endured.
Then came the hunger. The rabid, frenzied feeling grew somewhere behind his navel and his eyes grew wide with the lust of attack. Seeing no humans, and knowing, if only subconsciously, that he could not attack anyone if he hoped to stay at school, he bit the first thing he saw– his own leg. Involuntarily, he emitted a high-pitched cry, which echoed off the trees as Remus gnawed.
He was losing control of himself. The world around him began to slip away. The hard edges of the trees became fuzzy and the moonlight became so bright he winced upon seeing it. This loss in perception was remedied only by a significantly heightened sense of smell.
Blood. The deep, metallic scent stung his nose and he closed his eyes, breathing in sheer ecstasy. It was his own blood, he realized in a half-aware state, not that of a human, but it was blood nonetheless. He bit his leg again, and another groan escaped him.
He never knew how much time had passed when he was transformed-- it was hard to hold on to any sense of reality-- but once Remus had become human again (a sensation similar to waking from a particularly disturbing nightmare) and began to walk back to Hogwarts, the clock tower displayed half-past midnight. He walked softly to the place at which they'd agreed to meet-- a rather large stump on the edge of school grounds.
"Padfoot!" he heard a loud whisper behind him. He couldn't help but grin at the familiar nickname. As he greeted James, he felt the overwhelming sensation that he was where he was meant to be, that he belonged. No longer was he tormented by the agony of transforming. Rather, he was welcomed by his best friend. As simply as that, brotherhood overshadowed the memory of pain.

celliott28 said...

When Petunia Dursley was young, she always noticed something different about her sister, Lilly. It wasn't until one, summer when Lilly was home was home for the summer she started snooping around. Petunia had always thought it was strange that Lily went off to boarding school while she went to a different one, closer to home. Anyways while Petunia was in Lily's room she stubbed upon a trunk, within it she found a wand, books about magic, and a newspaper called the daily prophet with moving pictures. Confused and alarmed she confronted her sister about these new discoveries. Lily told her she was a witch and there were others out there like her. Lily also made she Petunia would take this secret to her grave. Throughout her life she never once spoke of this, to anyone. Before the night Lily died she told her that if she dies she must take Harry in until the right time and protect him. If anyone knows he is living there they will expose the whole wizard world to the muggles.

After Lily died and she found Harry on her porch step she kept this secret with her, trying to protect him the best she could. It helped that her husband and son segregated him which made him not go out as much. When Harry told the family she tired to be as surprised as she could, she put on the face of hatred and fear, but deep down she was playing the act of stupidity for the protection of her nephew.